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GeODin Ticket System

In our efforts to continually improve the quality of our services, we have introduced a ticket system  to more quickly and more effectively help answer your enquiries sent to support@geodin.com.

With each new enquiry sent to us at support@geodin.com an automatic ticket number will be sent. This is the reference number under which we will process your enquiry and should be used in all future communication regarding the issue.

Please do not respond to the automatic email, it is simply for your information, so that you know that your enquiry is being dealt with.

Example: You receive the following ticket number "Ticket#2011061610000063". When we answer your enquiry the email will contain "Ticket#2011061610000063" e.g. Subject: “Additional data for my enquiry Ticket#2011061610000063 as a password-protected compressed archive .mdb file".

To send an email via this website please go to the Contact section and click on the Contact Form link

We hope that you will find that this new and innovative way for us to communicate with our customers makes things simpler and more transparent.