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GeODin Support

GeODin is continually being developed and improved. Links to the latest GeODin version, HASP drivers and important documents can be found in the download section. To activate or update your GeODin software you need a GeODin license file, which may be obtained from FUGRO CONSULT or an authorised GeODin Distribution Partner. Please note that we only support the latest software versions: GeODin 7 and GeODin 8.

GeODin Hotline
If you have any questions regarding GeODin we would be very pleased to assist. You can contact us by telephone or email. We will try to help you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Online Support
Upon request a remote help session can be arranged with one of our support staff using either Deskshare or TeamViewer.

GeODin Training
In order to get the optimal use from GeODin we offer training workshops and GeODin consultations.

GeODin Development
Our experienced software development team is continually adapting GeODin to the latest technologies and requirements made of geoinformatic software. If you require a special function or interface that is currently not available, please contact us.

SEP 3 Data Collection
SEP 3 is an official format description for standardizing geological data collection in Germany. It was developed by Fugro Consult for the Lower Saxony Regional Authority for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG - Niedersächsische Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie).

Collecting data in the SEP 3 format using the GeODin can be done either with your existing GeODin licence or the freely available GeODin Shuttle. If you do not have the GeODin SEP 3 object type present in your GeODin installation please use the method integrated within the GeODin software (System Tab -> System configuration -> Object types -> Install).

SEP 3 DocumentationFurther information in German can be found here: Downloads zu SEP 3 auf der LBEG-Homepage