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For more information please contact...

+49 (0)1805-GeODin

Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 16:00
You can reach the GeODin hotline on +49 (0)1805 - 436346 on working days from Monday through Friday from 9:00 until 16:00. Our specialised staff will be able to help you with installation and general usage of our GeODin software. This is a free service - you pay only for your telephone connection (0,14 Euro/Min. within the German T-Com network; mobile network charges may be different).

Help us to help you 
Help us by having the following informationen available:

  • GeODin version number (see GeODin title bar)
  • Edition and build number (see menu: Info to GeODin...)
  • HASP license number(see license management method)
  • Which operating system (OS) are you using?
  • Local version or network installation?
  • Which type of database you have (MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle etc.)?
  • Which object types are you using?
  • Complete error message

Please use the "Save" button in the "GeODin Protocol" window to save the error message. Ideally you have direct access to your GeODin installation so that our staff can go through the program functions step by step.

If your query involves the use of GeODin combined with other software please provide the relevant details, including the version number.