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GeODin Software

GeODin modules allow you to choose the optimal range of software tools for your data management needs. The use of any GeODin module requires a GeODin 8 licence. There are currently eight GeODin modules available:

  • GeODin Logs - geological and geotechnical profiles
  • GeODin Site - cross-sections, site plans & queries
  • GeODin Maps - embedded GIS (requires GeODin Logs)
  • GeODin Labs - geo-environmental database and specialist presentation
  • GeODin C/S - work with client/server databases (MS SQL, Oracle etc.)
  • GeODin GIS Extension - GeODin databases and GIS data (requires ArcGIS 10)
  • GeODin Server - create, publish and manage GeODin web portals

Discounts on multiple purchase of GeODin modules are available on request. Please note that it is not possible to transfer GeODin modules between GeODin licences or split existing modules between new licences. When updating all older GeODin licences will be converted to a GeODin 8 licence with the appropriate modules. 

The system requirements for GeODin are a PC with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit) and 1GB RAM. GeODin data is stored in standard industry formats: by default an .mdb database, without you needing an MS Access licence, or in client/server databases with the GeODin C/S module and appropriate drivers installed.