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TheGeODin-Team offers comprehensive training as bothworkshops or consultations, Premium Maintenance and Support Services Agreements, as well as special licences for institutes of higher education GeODin@University. In addition the Geoinformatics Department offers a range of services such as GeODin WebGIS, cavity surveys, regeneration of water wells and geomonitoring.

  • GeODin Workshops

    GeODin Workshops

    Optimize your return of investment with professional training from our experts and get the most out of your GeODin modules.
  • Consultations

    GeODin Consultations

    Our specialists can provide you with the optimal solution for using GeODin in your workflow and offer advice on a wide range of topics.
  • GeODin Premium Services

    GeODin Premium Service Agreements

    Profit from a wide range of services to help you get the best return of investment from your GeODin software modules.
  • GeODin Education Edition


    The GeODin Education Edition is available for institutes of higher education. Share your GeODin experiences with us in return for using licences.
  • WebGIS screenshot

    GeODin WebGIS

    In several tunnel projects in Austria and Italy, GeODin WebGIS has been integrated within an existing GIS system.
  • GeODin mieten

    GeODin Rental Modules

    Rent GeODin modules with your exiting GeODin licence starting from as little as 90€ per module per month.