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GeODin Workshops

GeODin training workshops offer a proffesional service to optimize your return of investment (ROI). GeODin workshops let you determine what themes shall be included and whether you require one or several days training. This depends mostly on the targets to be achieved by the participants and their previous experience with GeODin - we can adjust the contents to best suite your individual wishes.

Training topics
The topics may be basic GeODin features such as creating projects and location points, more advanced topics such as customized layouts, fill patterns and symbols, or expert topics such as client/server databases and specialized SQL-queries. Examples of three main categories are given below:

Data collection: creating a database, creating a project, creating a location point, general data entry, geological and well-design data, import & export of data sequences, creating measurement points, import & export of measurement values and data entry controls.

Graphical presentation: template creation, borehole logs, data sequences, samples and groundwater levels, measurement graphics and reports, creating cross-sections, creating site plans and layout organisation.

Geo-data management: working with queries, complex layouts, document management, list comparisons, formulae & plausibility and GIS integration.

Please choose the optimal location for your needs! You are warmly invited to come to Berlin where our conference room provides the ideal mix of peace and quiet for concentrating on your GeODin data, whilst providing a friendly relaxed atmosphere. A video beamer ensures that you can follow whatever the trainer is currently demonstrating from your laptop or PC.

We would also be pleased to visit your offices to hold a GeODin workshop - this may be more cost effective with larger groups. In such cases we may require certain technical infrastrucure (network and/or internet access, projection facilities) and there are the additional travelling costs to be met.

Please consult the GeODin Support, Training, Order Forms flyer for workshop pricing. Customers with GeODin Premium Servicing Agreements can save 50 € per day.