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GeODin Store

Buy and rent GeODin 7 here:

GeODin Rental Modules

If you already own a GeODin licence, you can quickly get started with a rental module by visiting our online store. Select the the Rent GeODin option on the Store homepage and then choose from eight different GeODin modules.

As soon as we have received conformation of payment we can email you your new licence key valid for one month for the chosen module(s). This should only take one working day. Do make sure that you back-up your old licence file first before activating the new rental licence. All the modules that you currently own remain unaffected by this process.

  • What are the renting requirements? You must own a GeODin licence. If you have one you’re all set. If not you can be purchase a licence at the same time as you rent modules in te GeODin Store.
  • Can I rent different modules for different licences? Absolutely. Example: You have two GeODin licences both with the module GeODin Logs. You may rent GeODin Site for one licence and GeODin Maps for the other.
  • Can I convert my rental module to a purchased module? Yes. You can buy the module either online or by sending an signed order form.
  • Is there a rebate for modules that I have previously rented? Yes. Once you have bought the modules we will credit you the last 3 calendar months rental for that module. This rebate cannot be used with any promotional discounts.
  • Can I try a module in demo modus before renting? Of course. For each licence you are welcome to try GeODin for 14 consecutive days free of charge. After that if you are still unsure about the merits of a particular module use the rental option.
  • What happens at the end of my rental period? You can either rent the module(s) for another month in our online store, or re-activate you former installation by choosing your existing licence file (with those modules that you already own).
  • Can I change my rental period? No. Once you rent a particular module for a month, you cannot split the rental time into days or weeks over an extended period, nor can you convert from one module to another. You may purchase additional months and different modules at any time.
  • Can I send a fax or email to rent modules? No. Renting is online via the GeODin Store only. In order to keep the rental price as low as possible, we have to use an automated payment system (Verisign approved).