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GeODin Premium Service Agreements

GeODin is continually being refined and extended to provide you with ever more powerful tools for complex data management and problem solving. To get the latest in new program functions, assistants and modules, we offer a software update contract which includes  free updates for all purchased GeODin program modules.

Premium Servicing Agreements are available for individual & network and installations and must cover all GeODin licences used by an organisation. The number of licences and the type of modules determines the price of a GeODin Service Agreement:

  • GeODin Software Update Service: 595 € per licence per year
    - for GeODin licences with the modules GeODin Logs, Site, Maps, Labs, Client/Server and GIS Extensions
  • GeODin Portal Server Software Update Service: 995 € per licence per year
    - for GeODin licences that, additionally to the modules Logs, Site, Maps, Labs, Client/Server and GIS Extension, include the Portal Server module
    (All prices exclusive of tax) 

Please contact us for more information on the scope of services provided. Price information is available in the GeODin Store.