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The GeODin Education Licence is available specifically for institutes of higher education. We regard this offer as a development partnership. Tell us how you would like to see GeODin developed and improved. All you need to do is provide us with information on projects, seminars or other events where GeODin is used. The following conditions apply:

  • GeODin licenses are made availabe for free. There is only a standard fee of 495€ to cover software delivery and network installation
  • There are no annual fees!
  • The Education Edition comprises a GeODin 8 network license for 10 users and includes the GeODin modules Logs, Site, Labs, Maps and GIS Extensions. In special cases more licenses can be obtained.
  • The GeODin licences are always up-to-date - you recieve automatic updates for the current GeODin software.

The GeODin licences are not time limited, but must be activated every six months. Activation is dependant upon Fugro Consult receiving the following information on scientific papers, projects and teaching

  • Please send an abstract about scientific work carried out with GeODin (minimum ½ A4 page) detailing how our software was used.
  • Send details on how GeODin has been integrated in your teaching, including lecture, seminar details etc.
  • We also would like creative layouts or graphic in a GeODin format (ggf or glo).
  • Tell us about your wishes or which new features should be built into GeODin.

When not otherwise agreed in writing prior to using GeODin licences, the information sent to Fugro Consult will be publicised on our website www.geodin.com.

GeODin@University Training: We also offer training courses for using GeODin in your educational establishment, at the normal rates for guest speakers (including all travel & lodging expenses).

  • Invite a GeODin Trainer to give a practical demonstration at your college or university.
  • Depending on your specific field of interest, such events can be tailored to your special requirements.
  • Advanced software training courses will improve your professional career chances

All prices are net (local taxes may apply). Valid from: 01.06.2011 (no responsibility will be taken for mistakes)