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GeODin Consultations

A GeODin consultation with one of our expert support staff offers you, in contrast to a workshop, the opportunity to cover specific topics in depth. Our specialists can provide you with the optimal solution for using GeODin in your workflow and offer advice on preparing templates, planning data collection and using the correct object types in your projects.

Content & Duration
You determine what themes shall be included - GeODin project management, data collection concepts, template creation and monitoring programs are just some of the typical themes that can be covered - we can adjust the contents and number of days to best suite your individual wishes. Typical examples of consultation solutions are:

Layouts: in addition to standard layouts and layout-lists that are installed with the GeODin software, you may create your own complex templates. There are many different possible constellations. The tabular report element can display a wide range of database content (e.g. measurement data such as chemical analysis,water levels,pumping rates, precipitation etc. An increasing number of graphic types is available to display even the most complex data sets - time-series, XY plots, bar and pie charts, triangular Piper and genesis diagrams - our developers can offer assistance with new presentation options. Another powerful presentation tool is the construction of geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical cross-sections.

Data analysis: You have a large data collection spanning many years, in differing formats, which is to be given a consistent structure and allow efficient and effective use. Complex information of this form requires careful and well-planned preperation. Information must be initially categorized in analogue and digital form, duplication of records, incompatibilies and variations in digital data formats considered. We can carry out a thorough analysis of your data and information in order to recommend the appropriate GeODin database structure and format. In addition we can offer the service of collecting and proceesing your data to produce a GeODin database.

Geo-data management: working with queries, complex layouts, document management, list comparisons, formulae & plausibility and GIS integration.

Usually consultations take place at the clients' establishement where the existing data management infrastructure can best be utilized and integrated in the consultation. We require a certain technical infrastrucure (network and internet access, projection facilities) and there are the additional travelling costs to be met. In special cases a consultation can be arranged at the offices of Fugro Consult in Berlin.

Please consult the GeODin Support, Training, Order Forms flyer for consultation prices. Customers with GeODin Premium Servicing Agreements can save 50 € per consultation per day.