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GeODin: Installing GeODin

For the installation of a GeODin license you need an USB-HASP key. Please attach the key to your PC and start the installation program by inserting your GeODin DVD.

Please make sure to quit all active programs before you begin the installation process. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are strongly advised to
install GeODin in a separate folder outside of the usual <Program Files> folder (e.g in a folder C:\GeODin as opposed to C:\Program Files\GeODin). If your Windows Vista or Windows 7 is installed on a separate partition from your data (e.g. Windows OS on C drive, data and other program files on D drive), please install GeODin on the latter drive. These steps are necessary to avoid complications with Windows rights management issues. Windows XP users may follow the suggested path in the GeODin installer.

Please download the complete document for further information.