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  • Dr. Thomas Anders
    • Head of Geoinformatics
    • Fugro Germany Land GmbH
    • Germany
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  • Tim Fyfe
    • GeODin Training
    • Germany
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Groundwater Management

GeODin databases solutions provide the basis for groundwater management systems in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

  • GIS Berlin

    Berlin Groundwater Information System

    The Berlin local authority uses GeODin Maps for regional management of borehole, piezometer, well and groundwater data linked to land parcels.
  • GWTeaser Yemen

    Hydrogeology, Yemen

    The scarce availability of water resources and the increasing demand for water are two of the main problems facing Republic of Yemen. GeODin is used as an environemental and hydrogeological database integrated within the national Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board project structure.
  • GW Teaser zambia

    Hydrogeology, Zambia

    The cooperation project „Groundwater Resources for the Southern Province“, involving the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) and BGR, started in 2005. Mid November 2005 a GeODin workshop was held in Lusaka to train the project team and to customize the GeODin software for the special local requirements.
  • Zanzibar teaser

    Water Resources Management, Zanzibar