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More information on selected groundwater management case studies:

Hydrogeology, Zambia

The cooperation project „Groundwater Resources for the Southern Province“, involving the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) and BGR, started in 2005. Zambia has many natural resources and a relatively favourable climate for agriculture. Southern Zambia, however, is drought prone.

Several NGOs and international organisations run water supply projects in the Southern parts of Zambia. KfW (German Development Bank) and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) are supporting well drilling programmes. The main subjects of the GTZ activities are personal and technical support to Zambian organisations in promoting reforms in the water sector as well as privatisation and decentralisation of public water and sanitation agencies.

The project team is assessing groundwater related data and compiling a special database and hydrogeological maps of the study area. The project aims at strengthening the capacities of Zambian experts in responding to groundwater issues. The cooperation of DWA, GTZ and BGR will develop an integrated water resource management system (IWRM) for this region.

Mid November 2005 a GeODin workshop was held in Lusaka to train the project team and to customize the GeODin software for the special local requirements. GeODin Enterprise is used by the Department of Water Affairs as hydrogeological database integrated within their project structure with tools for complex data structure analysis, list comparison and report preparation, special graphics etc.

An additional software program, the GeODin ArcGIS Extension for the Geographic Information System ArcGIS from ESRI, combines the functions of GeODin (data management, presentation etc.) with geographic data and other GIS functions.

FUGRO CONSULT GMBH has created the GeODin® data management software which is used worldwide by governments, research institutions, universities and multi-national companies. GeODin programs can be combined to create customized and integrated water services solutions.

The software used for this ongoing project, namely the relational database interface features of GeODin Enterprise can be extended in other contexts with the decentralized data collection capabilities of GeODin Shuttle (free program for data collection) as well as web based data monitoring packages, such as the GeODin Image- & Portal-Server Editions.