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More information on selected groundwater management case studies:

Berlin Groundwater Information System

The local authority of Berlin (Senatsverwaltung von Berlin) uses the GeODin platform developed by FUGRO CONSULT GMBH for regional management of borehole, piezometer, well and groundwater data. The complete database comprises ca. 130 000 boreholes with log profiles, 8000 wells with several thousand chemical groundwater analysis and over 6 million water levels, which is maintained by GeODin running an Oracle database.

GeODin Maps was developed to provide an urban information system and to manage monthly monitoring activities. The all-in-one GeODin solution has replaced the former ArcView based information system. The primary advantage of switching to GeODin data management is that all information, analysis and presentation are handled by one application. This greatly simplifies the workflow, enabling considerable savings in both training personnel and software maintenance.

Each GeODin user has their own customized profile, which enable individual selections of various thematic maps to be created. These profiles are designed to match the users' areas of responsibility and may contain information from groundwater protection areas, groundwater surface maps, topography, as well as current information on groundwater levels and geology.

GeODin database queries ensure that the relevant thematic information is procured as efficiently as possible and presented simultaneously in the embedded GIS and customized templates. The templates may contain general information on wells, construction details, geological depth related data or chemical analyses displayed as timelines and plots. In addition the user can choose between several search options such as address, coordinates or measurement point name. Hence it is possible to quickly find a particular area within the city for which all necessary data are automatically loaded. The data can be Shape files, AutoCad files or data from a GeODin databases. The combination of data can be configured in the profiles.

Information system: One purpose of this system is the organisation of land parcels for which information on the maximum and current groundwater level is calculated. Once the land parcel has been entered, a search is made for the nearest three groundwater wells. Additional information on well construction and chemical analyses can also be queried.Several methods of interpolation are available via an interface with the program Surfer from Golden Software.

By using triangulation (krigging) the highest groundwater level for three wells is calculated - data is passed from the GeODin database to Surfer which then processes the information and returns the result for the area of interest. It is also possible to produce groundwater contour maps for a city area, from the current measurement network as well as incorporating surface waterbodies.