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More information on selected geomonitoring case studies:

Lohme, Isle of Rügen, Germany

The island of Rügen is located in north-eastern Germany in the Baltic Sea. It has an area of 924 km² with a coastline famous chalk cliffs, a nature reserve and it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany.

In 2009 Fugro Consult GmbH was awarded a contract to monitor landslide stabilization measures for a coastal area where a slip had already occurred. The structural measures consisted of installing a horizontal drainage system to allow sinking of the groundwater level in the slope and so increase its’ stability. The instrumentation was supplied by the company Scanrock and included the use of chain inclinometers, prisms mounted on the slope and adjacent buildings, barometric, porewater pressure & groundwater level measurements.

FUGRO provides the GeODin data management software for automatic field data collection, transfer from sensor to database and internet based analysis & presentation solutions. The GeODin Portal-Server was configured to create web pages on the fly from the database, handling the high density of measurement values and time-critical graphics required to monitor the landslide and provide an early warning system to allow safe evacuation of the local population.