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More information on selected environmental geology case studies:

Rapid Optical Screening Tool (ROST)

Fugro Consult provides the Rapid Optical Screening Tool (ROST™) for site assessment and characterization. ROST™ is a laser-induced fluorescence sensor deployed by Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment. The CPT/ROST™ system characterizes stratigraphy and petroleum hydrocarbons in soils. This process is accomplished continuously, in real-time and without collecting samples.

ROST™ uses a state-of-the-art laser to produce light that is pulsed down a fibre optic cable to a sapphire window on the side of the CPT probe. The pulsed light causes petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil to emit fluorescence. The emitted fluorescence travels through a second fibre optic cable to a detection system within the CPT rig. Relative concentration and product “fingerprints” are then presented in real-time. Since fluorescence intensity is proportional to petroleum hydrocarbon concentration, ROST™ can effectively delineate the vertical and lateral extent of contaminant distribution.

Source delineation is increasingly important with the emphasis on risk-based corrective action. ROST™ is the optimal technology for delineation of hydrocarbon contamination. ROST™ identifies free phase conditions down to residual concentrations in the subsurface, both above and below the water table. Data is collected at 2cm intervals –providing a continuous log of lithology and hydrocarbon distribution, eliminating the possibility of missing small zones of contamination and migration pathways.

GeODin provides the optimal software for presenting the results of ROST investigations with a set of specially designed import filters and templates combining lithology with chemical profiles.