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More information on selected environmental geology case studies:

Mansfelder Land

In 2006 FUGRO CONSULT GMBH was awarded the contract to provide a digital environmental information system for the region of Mansfeld.

Remediation actually began here in the 1990s and a vast quantity of environmental information has been amassed by various institutions in analog and digital form. This presented a complex challenge. In order to deal effectively with the factual information, it first needed to be digitised and structured, before being made available in one central location with a simple user interface allowing database analysis.

The first steps involved a desk study of all the available information from reports and official documents:

  • Topographic maps and air photos
  • Geological maps and layer data
  • Information on environmental old burdens
  • Overview of sampling and measurement points (wells)
  • Overview of water-ways (lakes, rivers, streams etc.)
  • Chemical analyses of groundwater, surface water, soil and dust sediments
  • Water flow and water level measurements

In addition further information is to be available, such as reports (as PDFs), fotos and maps, all in the same co-ordinate projection system.

For the creation of the new environmental information system (Umweltinformationssystem or UIS) a combination of a work station for data management (ArcGIS 9 und GeODin) and a freely available environmental information system (internet browser) was developed.

Hence for the users of the information system no special software needs to be installed and there are no license costs per user basis. Indeed the number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

The UIS is a browser-based map server, also known as WebGIS, with a specially developed user interface. For this task the UMN map server was chosen, in combination with the GeODin Image Server and the Apache web server. Both UMN and Apache are open source products and hence free from license costs.

The entire environmental information system was completed by June 2008.