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  • Dr. Thomas Anders
    • Head of Geoinformatics
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Environmental Investigations

GeODin has been used for data collection, analysis, reporting and client presentations in a wide variety of national and international projects. More information on individual case studies are available by following the project links below:

  • Mansfelder Land

    Mansfelder Land

    In 2006 Fugro Germany Land GmbH was awarded the contract to provide a digital environmental information system for the region of Mansfeld.
  • MIP

    Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

    The MIP-CPT (Membrane Interface Probe) is used for in-situ screening of CHC and VOC contaminants in the saturated and vadose zones. GeODin provides the optimal presentation for these results.
  • ROST

    Rapid Optical Screening Tool (ROST)

    ROST (Rapid Optical Screening Tool) is used as an in situ tool for screening hydrocarbon derived contamination in soil and groundwater using a laser induced fluorescence sensor deployed by CPT equipment.
  • Bio-Oxidation Wall

    Formation of a Biological Oxidation Wall

    Over decades the handling of organic contaminants, mainly BTEX and phenols, caused toxic contaminants to enter the soil, which then migrated into the groundwater causing the contamination of the aquifers present.
  • Airfield Brand

    Airfield Brand: Environmental Site Assessment

    Tropical Island was planning to build holiday residences and associated infrastructure at the site of the former “Airfield Brand”. Due to its historical use as an airfield, the property was expected to be partially contaminated.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Schkopau

    Groundwater Monitoring Schkopau

    The Schkopau site of the DOW Olefinverbund GmbH (formerly: BUNA Works) is a vast industrial area where groundwater monitoring is part of a major environmental assessment and remediation project.