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More information on selected environmental geology case studies:

Groundwater Monitoring Schkopau

The Schkopau site of the DOW Olefinverbund GmbH (formerly: BUNA Works) is a vast industrial area with a continuous history of petrochemical production reaching back to the 1930s. The groundwater monitoring is part of a major environmental assessment and remediation project. The former industrial activities have led to an intricate pattern of soil and groundwater contaminations. Major contaminants are chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons as well as heavy metals. The hydrogeological situation is characterised by a complex setting of different aquifer types (unconsolidated porous aquifer on top of aquifers in layered fractured mesozoic rocks) with vertical flow in between. Contaminated groundwater and surface runoff are also affecting the nearby natural surface drains. Hydraulic measures (pump & treat) have been established for groundwater remediation and to contain contaminated groundwaterflow.

The monitoring area extends over 40 sq. km. The monitoring network compriss over 500 piezometers for water level measurements and groundwater sampling. Groundwater samples are taken once, at selected locations twice, a year. Piezometer levels are recorded at between monthly and six monthly intervals. Additional samples are taken regularly from surface waters and sediments. The inlet and outlet quality of the water treatment plants are monitored, as well as the pumped volumes of wells.

The data is being comprehensively evaluated using GeODin, with special regard to assessing the hydrodynamic regime, evaluating the groundwater quality and spreading of contaminant plumes, identification of potential hazards, identification and evaluation of natural attenuation processes of contaminants and performance of hydraulic measures and their impact on the groundwater system.