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More information on selected environmental geology case studies:

Formation of a Biological Oxidation Wall

Over decades the handling of organic contaminants, mainly BTEX and phenols, took place on an industrial site. The toxic contaminants entered the soil and migrated into the groundwater causing the contamination of the aquifers present. The geology of the aquifer relevant for the field trial consistsof fine and medium coarse sands with silt and coal layers. The hydraulic conductivity amounts to 4*10-5 m/s. For the installation of the test area an additional groundwater well was installed. The oxygen was injected through injection lances. A total of 2.000 kg of oxygen was injected into the lower part of the aquifer over a period of 256 days. The average volume flow amounted to 0,2-0,3 Nm3 per hour. The test facility was controlled weekly. During the monthly groundwater sampling, the physical parameters were determined. The samples were analysed for iron, sulphate, BTEX and phenols.

On the basis of field trials the suitability of microbiological degradationas alternative remediation method could be evaluated for the site. GeODin provides the optimal software for collecting, analysing and presenting the results of these investigations.