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More information on selected environmental geology case studies:

Airfield Brand: Environmental Site Assessment

Tropical Island Asset Management GmbH (Tropical Island) was planning to buy an area of about 114 ha, which were part of the former “Airfield Brand”. Tropical Island was planning to build holiday residences and associated infrastructure at the proposed site. Due to its historical use as an airfield, the property was expected to be partially contaminated. The objective of this ESA was to evaluate the past and current use as well as encountered sources of environmental concerns and evidence of hazardous substance disposal. Furthermore, this ESA was to evaluate the disposal and remediation costs for Tropical Island.

FUGRO CONSULT GMBH was authorized by Tropical Island Asset Management GmbH to perform a Phase I ESA, including a review of historical records and a visual inspection of the proposed site to identify areas which in the past, currently, or which may reasonably be expected to pose future environmental liabilities.

The scope of work included a site reconnaissance for a total area of about 114 ha and documentation of 58 potentially contaminated areas (including photographs, past and current use, detected contaminants, evaluation of potential risk etc.)

GeODin was used extensively in preparation of the final report including summarizing geological and hydrogeologic characteristics for the general site, risk assessment of potentially contaminated areas as well as an evaluation of the economic costs.