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More information on selected engineering geology case studies:

Park Lake Plaza

Caelum Development is planning the construction of a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex, including two residential towers located in the Titan area of Bucharest, Romania. The proposed construction, including the associated building pit, will cover an area of about 400 m x 250 m, resulting in the largest shopping complex in southeasternEurope. FUGRO CONSULT GMBH (FCG) was contracted to perform an extensive Geotechnical and Hydrogeological site investigation. At the time of investigation, three underground levels were planned resulting in a single building pit of about 15 m depth. Several factors, including the relatively large dimension of the proposed building pit and the typical difficult hydrogeological conditions in Bucharest characterized by several aquifers (gravity water and phreatic water) which are partly in communication, resulted in the client’s special intention to gain thorough information regarding the site hydrogeology.

The site hydrogeology was also of importance to characterize the influence of planned building pit dewatering on the adjacent high-riseapartment buildings (shortest distance of about 50 m). The surface water of the lake Titan approx. 115m to the east of the pit was expected to communicate with the groundwater. The anticipated groundwater levels and subsurface stratigraphy were evaluated to assist in the planning of the building pit dewatering system and for quantifying the discharge rate and volume for compensation measures. The required reporting and assessments included factual data reporting, preparation of a geotechnical study and verification according to Romanian regulations, and a hydrogeological report. The hyrogeological report includes 3D hydrological modeling to provide considerations for building pit dewatering that can assist the client to choose a suitable and cost effective dewatering alternative.