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More information on selected engineering geology case studies:

Maritza East Power Plant

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development finances the construction of the lignite-fired power plant Maritza East 1, located near the town of Galabovo, Bulgaria. The total costs of construction are estimated at € 1.2 billion. The ash, slag and gypsum waste will be transported via an 8-km-long band conveyor to a waste dump with a 120 million cubic metre capacity.

This abandoned open-pit lignite mine has already been filled with ash waste from the old Maritza East 1 power plant and mine waste from a nearby open-cast lignite mine. The dump deposits are now up to 30 metres thick, exceeding the top ground surface. AES Maritza East 1 EOOD contracted FUGRO CONSULT GMBH with the soil investigation for the construction of the new conveyor system, an administration building and the investigation of the overfilled waste dump.

An additional geotechnical investigation was to be provided for an emergency storage pit close to the power plant as well as extensive material testing to determine the geotechnical properties of bottom ash, fly ash and gypsum.

During field work the enormous amount of data was collected, presented and managed with handheld computers using GeODin® FieldManager and in the subsequent reporting phase the desktop version of the GeODin software. The database contained the results of the soil-mechanical laboratory tests and the soil profiles of the foundations, integrated with CPT interpretations & correlations.