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More information on selected engineering geology case studies:

Izmit Bay Bridge

Fugro was retained by the NÖMAYG Joint Venture to assist with geotechnical, geological, and seismological evaluations for the 3-km-long suspension bridge crossing of Izmit Bay, Turkey. To this end offshore and onshore geophysical surveys, deepwater, nearshore and onshore geotechnical investigations, trenching and geologic mapping were successfully completed in only four months, due to the urgency of the project. In addition, advanced laboratory testing, integrated site characterization, conceptual foundation design and earthquake engineering interpretations were performed to provide a basis for tendering the project.

Izmit Bay which is southeast of Istanbul connects to and extends northeast of the Sea of Marmara. The proposed bridge crosses the Bay at its narrowest constriction where the width of the Bay is reduced from a typical width about > 8 km, down to about 3 km. 

The bridge is located in one of the most seismically active places in the world. The site spans the plate boundary between the Anatolian plate on the south and the Eurasian plate on the north, and, as such, has the potential to experience significant earthquakes.

Understanding the geological, seismological and geotechnical setting and developing appropriate design criteria in a very short time-frame was critical for tendering the bridge contract. 

NOMAYG selected Fugro as the only contractor able to provide all required services, meet the challenging 4-month schedule, and provide a product that would be respected by potential bridge construction contractors.