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Installing GeODin

Follow these simple steps to install GeODin 7:

HASP & Hardlock Drivers

Licprotector Software Licensing for GeODin 8.0:
Starting with GeODin Version 8 software licensing is available. The componenty necessary can be found on the installation CDs or downloaded here

HASP HL Key: GeODin 5.1
Starting with GeODin Version 5.1 a HASP HL key is necessary to use the GeODin software (for network version from GeODin 5.0). A client HASP key is green, the network HASP key red. You can download the HASP driver directly from our website. A HASP HL key is attached to the USB port. The HASP Licence Manager can be downloaded here.

Fugro Consult GmbH uses HASP keys from SafeNet Inc. (formerly Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.), a worldwide leader in IT-security. Drivers for their products can be downloaded from their website (please navigate to the Support/HASP section and choose the HASP-HL Driver link.

Hardlock key: GeODin 4 and GeODin 5.0
In order to use GeODin-Kompakt, GeODin-Standard, GeODin-Professional or GeODin-Enterprise, a hardlock USB key must be attached to your system. The necessary driver is available during the GeODin software installation. Drivers for Windows 2000, XP and Vista can be downloaded here.  A hardlock key is attached to the USB port.

Parallel Port keys: GeODin 3The hardlock can be attached to a parallel port of a PC. Printers and other output devices can be attached to the other side of the hardlock. No further steps are needed. Note: In some cases it may be necessary to re-install a driver (e.g. you have updated your operating system - please use the link above if you do not have your original GeODin 3 CD). 

In the event that problems arise when printing via the parallel port or if the hardlock cannot be found when starting the GeODin software (e.g. Pentium-PC's with onboard-ports in extended modus), the hardlock may also be attached to the serial port of your computer. Simply reverse the direction of the screws in the hardlock (pull the screws out entirely and push the back in through the holes on the other side of the hardlock key) - then re-attach to the serial port.