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GeODin Training


Get a free introduction to the latest GeODin version, book flexible online sessions, or take an in-depth course lasting from one to several days. Ask our team for more information.

New Release Features


GeODin 8.3 release includes a time range controller for the measurement editor, a map preview function and a “Go to object” icon in the general data editor, new macro capabilities ... ...

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Getting help has never been easier! Contact the GeODin Team and then just start TeamViewer QuickSupport so that one of our customer care staff can see you screen (CET 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.).
GeODin Basics

GeODin Basics

First steps with GeODin 8. Free introductory guide.

GeODin Screencasts

The easiest way to learn - watch a GeODin movie
GeODin 8 Testversion

GeODin 8 Test Form

Test the latest GeODin software for 14 days free of charge
City databses

GeODin Server

Publish your GeODin database as an interactive website